"We Need to Raise the Standard"

- Brian Williams, Candidate for Alabama House District #5 - Watch Meet Brian Williams Video

My name is Brian Williams and I’m running for the Alabama State House of Representatives.

I have been learning, serving and helping people win my whole life. We moved from Huntsville to Elkmont when I was in high school - a place very different from where I grew up and with people who did not look like me. It was the beginning of my learning and truly connecting with people that were not like me. My father even said “If you want to make it here, you must be willing to learn from others and in turn, they will want to learn from you.” And it was there that I learned about cow tipping, rolling hay, and even learned to appreciate country music and where I found myself being a bridge for so many. I attended The University of North Alabama where I helped our team win three National Championships in football.

During my tour as a Marine, my perspective of the world continued to expand as they force leadership, sacrifice, and teamwork on me. It was humbling to get awarded not only for my technical expertise in machinery and combat but also for skills such as leadership, counseling, assisting others to improve, and hunger to accomplish my missions. After 8 years, I transitioned out of the military to focus on my marriage and family. I continued to serve locally at schools and churches and build small businesses that would assist people in achieving their dreams and callings.

Why I'm running

When I returned from the Marines 10 years later to my hometown, not much had changed. In fact, our neighboring counties had outpaced and developed much more economically, academically, and in most other ways. I firmly believe that if we do not invest in our schools, create jobs, and make it easier to support families, people will move. Our schools in particular are foundational for growth. We must make our schools more competitive where it attracts families. And in turn, as families get more involved in their community, it raises the standards in their area.

I recently saw my 11 year old son’s commitment to feed the poor and admittedly, it renewed my commitment to serve the public. I’m choosing to run with the same mindset of raising the standard for leadership I’ve drawn upon over the years. I believe leadership is needed to inspire us to work together across the parties, the racial lines, the divisions in our country to build a better future for our children, for all children. We are too divided and have lost vision for what our communities could be. People, often focuses on problems but now is the time for solutions and bridge building. And problems are only solvable when the right people come together. We can’t let party lines or apathy fail our communities. We must step up and raise the standard and return our county, our country to a place where all succeed and achieve their dreams and callings.