Alabama Democrats believe state government must operate openly, efficiently, and be accountable to Alabamians. Lax campaign finance laws, a long history of cronyism, and a lack of transparency in Montgomery have led to an erosion of public confidence in state government. We are committed to fair elections and reform by enacting and enforcing tough ethical standards and strong campaign finance and anticorruption laws, as well as promoting a legislative agenda that puts the people first. The culture of Montgomery must change and it starts with us. Alabamians deserve a state run by individuals who take the concept of public service seriously. For the last decade, the performance of our elected officials have fallen far below the moral and legal standards that ought to define the business of the state. Rather than be guided by the public good, our leaders have too often been lured by personal vices, including greed, and pride. This state has endured the removal of several officers due to criminal and unconstitutional activity that would be unacceptable in any other area of employment. We must hold our elected leaders accountable in a cause as solemn as representing our state. We believe that our institutions suffer as a result of such rampant corrupted decisionmaking. If we do not take major steps to address these failings, the public’s confidence in our government to work on their behalf will erode as well. This outcome leaves our state even more vulnerable to unscrupulous decision-makers and policy outcomes that reflect interests other than the public good. We believe that a clean government is the most vital guarantee against these troubling outcomes. Given recent events in our government, Democrats believe that the surest way to protect the public trust is to maintain a transparent government with a significant element of oversight.